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Termites and Their Damage

Some pictures of actual termite infestations, damage, and treatment.

subs door big door frame
Subs and their damage in a door frame. Here you can see the extent of the damage in the door frame better.
termites up close tented
These subterranean termites are well-fed on wood from a home. Their bodies are engorged and they are ready to return to their underground colony. This home has been tented to treat drywood termites. The subs shown at left were also found here, so the home had both types of treatments done.
dryrot porch porch rebuild

This front porch is completely destroyed by dryrot and subterranean termites. The stucco covering was the only thing holding it up! We are opening it up to rebuild the porch framing.

Repairs being started, after clearing out all the pulverized wood from another side of the structure shown at left. The lath and plaster internal walls are showing—no framing was left in this area. We had to frame it up immediately.


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